Econocom & LAVA

LAVA guides Econocom in Operational Excellence

LAVA guides Econocom in Operational Excellence

Helping organizations grow by sustainably improving their business processes lies within the DNA of LAVA. The added value for companies is multiple: improved customer experience, better performance, the right organizational mindset, simplified structuresn error-proof systems and a reduced cost and better cash-flow.

Here’s the story of LAVA and Econocom; how LAVA helped Econocom to optimize its order-to-cash processes.

Econocom, a large pan-European company, is specialized in digital transformation of businesses.

After multiple acquisitions and due to a changing market position Econocom expressed its concern to LAVA regarding the support processes of the Services Division:

  • Supporting services had become too labor intensive;
  • Processes & tools were no longer harmonized across different activities;
  • Tools were no longer supported and seen as fit-for-purpose to support alternative business models that have been positioned in the market.

LAVA helped aligning supporting operations to the changing business needs. We mapped back office business processes using lean techniques and identified issue root causes.

Together with key stakeholders of Econocom LAVA developed and implemented an improvement plan resulting in

  • Workload reduction of about 25%.
  • Harmonization of activities on common applications;
  • Increased standardization & documentation in key process domains;

LAVA’s analysis showed that even more benefits could be realized, also outside the initial project scope. Large impacts were found in the area of Finance and Controlling, with important efforts in reconciliation.

Today, LAVA continues to partner with Econocom for tooling. Goal is to realize business benefits and to increase agility to cope with new business models.