LAVA plays with Lego Serious Play

During the off-site of October, we played. With Lego blocks. Saint-Nicolas had nothing to do with it. We wanted to get acquainted with a new way of sharing ideas and opinions within our team and to come to a common solution with everyone’s support. It started off a bit strange, but after some warming up, we got into a flow!

The key question of the night was: “In what way can we connect our colleagues in a stronger way, even if most of them are working at a client site for 95% of their time?”. Nico, the workshop facilitator, guided us to formulating our answer in gradual steps. For each question, my colleagues and I were literally building our answer. After a few minutes, everyone got the opportunity to explain their work of art.

The Lego blocks sparked a lot of imagination and creativity. My colleague, Edwin, kept his structure rather abstract. In his story, each block had a clear and specific role and meaning. Geert preferred to create high structures, while Mathieu gave the gear wheel a central spot. Jorn consistently chose a continuously turning wheel. Each personal story clarified why the builder made certain decisions.

LAVA plays with Lego Serious Play during monthly off-site meeting of October

LAVA plays with Lego Serious Play during monthly off-site meeting of October

When you were lacking inspiration at some point, then you could just start experimenting with the block, and the rest would follow!

The real power of Lego Serious Play is that it includes all participants. It’s impossible to hide! Moreover, through visualizing your ideas, they are remembered better. In addition, the individual structures can be easily connected to each other, so you can really build towards a common solution!

At the end of the night, we came to the realization that our individual view on the company goals is quite similar, also the way we want to reach that goal as a group. It was surprising to see how each personal story got a certain level of objectivity by expressing yourself with the help of a concrete structure. Your self-constructed object does the talking for you, and this helps to discuss sensitive ideas or issues!

With the simple click of a camera, ideas could be captured to share them afterwards with the colleagues that couldn’t make it to the off-site.

Lego Serious Play was a lot of fun, and we shared a good part of laughter and, the colleagues got to know each other better! In summary, a good off-site meeting, and a successful Lego experience.

Some tips when trying Lego Serious Play:

  • Define a clear scope or question
  • Use open-ended questions during the workshop
  • Take picture and make a poster of the building process and the end result
  • Film the workshop to capture the stories behind the structures
  • Put the final construction on a central location in the office

Definitely consider Lego Serious Play when preparing a workshop! If you want some help with the preparation or organization of your workshop, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to help!