Let me out!

The place where we meet for the LAVA’s December Off-site, located in the heart of Brussels. Everyone is nicely on time. No wonder, because not on time, means being locked out.

We start the evening classically with a sip and a bite. Afterwards we move to the tiniest meeting room ever, where teams give updates on their ‘shared objective projects’. At LAVA, we work with shared objectives, instead of individual objectives. This year’s themes are, amongst others, Branding, Service Portfolio and LAVA to the cloud. People team up and work along the year to reach their targets. All objectives are interlinked; in order to get the highest quality teams need to reach out to each other and collaborate. So this is how ‘Shared objectives’ is a fixed topic in each monthly off-site’s agenda.

Then it is time to get introduced to the Escape Game. There are three escape rooms: the Prison Cell, the Space Shuttle and Alice in Wonderland. We split up in three teams. Each team gets locked up in a room and has exactly 60 minutes to breaking into codes, to solve mysteries, puzzles and riddles. I am in team Prison Cell. The first minutes we spend, each on his own, looking for that first crucial hint that will lead to all other clues. Geert finds the first key and soon the team spirit is being built and we reach cruising speed. We look for tips in and outside the cell, using mirrors, sticks, books, a prehistoric cell phone, etc. In the exact 60st minute we hear the clicking of the cell door being unlocked. This is such a fun team game! In the bar, we meet up with the other two teams enjoying their drinks. A great off-site, an inspiring evening!

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