Celebrating The New Year!

January is the month for celebrations. At least at LAVA. For this month’s off-site we gather at the lovely ‘Jour de Fête’ in Ghent. Socializing is key at this evening. We raise glasses in a toast to a new and successful year.

Our off-site is the ideal moment to put our two new colleagues, David and Lisa, in the spotlight. Like every new colleague, they get their five minutes of fame. Five minutes to introduce themselves in an original and creative way. For their five minutes, David and Lisa join forces and enthusiasm.

Through a series of pictures and tough questions, we need to sketch the profile of our new colleagues. It’s a quiz, and a competition, but also the perfect way to get to know them better. We learn that David is an avid kickboxer and likes to travel the world, while Lisa is the oldest in a family of seven and gives heart and soul for her youth movement. Together with Jorn and Jeroen, I am part of the winning team. I admit that intensive collaboration with David during his first two weeks might have given us an edge over the competition.

In a jolly atmosphere we are guided to our table,  richly decorated with the new LAVA branding material. We enjoy a delightful dinner.

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