On April 27th LAVA organized an inspiring event on drones and smart glasses

Relive the LAVA event about drones and smart glasses

Belgium is ready for innovative applications such as drones and smart glasses aimed at increasing process quality and process simplification. This proved again from the testimonies and keynotes at the LAVA event on drones and smart glasses. More than 40 participants from utility companies, field engineering, logistics and production companies attended the session in the Communication Loft in Ghent. They were welcomed by Luc De Keyser, Managing Partner at LAVA.

Lieve Van Gijsel of Aetos Drones gave an inspiring explanation of the possibilities of drones in the context of increasing the quality of business processes in a wide range of sectors. Drones form an extra pair of eyes in the sky, but also inside buildings, pipes and even pipelines. They optimize technical inspections and facilitate technical maintenance. Thanks to specialized software, drones themselves are even able to make an initial interpretation of images. The session ended with a live demonstration of different types of drones. The participants could see in real time how drones took aerial photographs and videos of the surroundings.

Next, Peter Verstraeten of Proceedix gave an interesting reading about the possibilities of deploying smart eyewear in production and supply chain environments. The focus was on digitizing work instructions and technical inspections. Different types of smart eyewear were demonstrated. Finally, the attendees could listen to the testimony of Guy Slagmulder, CEO of Ardovlam, who explained a specific application of smart glasses for the installation of fire detection systems in his company.

LAVA can look back on a more than successful edition.


Download presentation Lieve Van Gijsel

Download presentation Peter Verstraeten