Entries by Davy De Schamphelaere

Relive The LAVA Event about E-Mobility

The arrival of multimodal e-mobility is on the fast track and has great impact. On the way we move from A to B, how we bridge distances, the way we live and work, on the automotive industry both from a technical – sales – and maintenance viewpoint, on charging infrastructure, how we want to balance […]

Relive the LAVA event about drones and smart glasses

Belgium is ready for innovative applications such as drones and smart glasses aimed at increasing process quality and process simplification. This proved again from the testimonies and keynotes at the LAVA event on drones and smart glasses. More than 40 participants from utility companies, field engineering, logistics and production companies attended the session in the […]

LAVA Family Day at Sea

Sunday morning 10AM. Blue skies. A large beach at the North Sea and a strong wind from the West. It’s October 2016 at surf club ‘De Kwinte’ in Westende. Colleagues and their partners and kids arrive at the surf club, warmly dressed and excited for a full day of fun and action at the Belgian […]