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Transition with big change

The Belgian energy market today is confronted with an ever faster evolution of technology which has an impact on the way the current market functions. In order to develop the value that this technology can bring, we need a flexible federal platform that can support the new market processes, facilitate the exchange of information between […]

LAVA revises Schréder’s IT Strategy

Schréder is a global prime provider of cost-effective lighting solutions for safe, comfortable and sustainable environments. With its Belgian roots, Schréder is a group of 48 companies worldwide, with over 2,600 people, all passionate about light and innovation. With its expertise in design and development of outdoor lighting solutions, Schréder wants to contribute to the […]

ENGIE adapts its Settlement & DAM environment to the MIG6 protocol with the help of LAVA

Within the Settlement & DAM department, which deals with the processing of allocation, reconciliation, grid processing and reporting, the change to MIG6 (*) requires major changes. Their implementation involves a series of steps: the establishment of blueprints, the definition of tests, validation of developments. All this in several phases and iterations.   The complexity of […]

VMA strengthens its strategic market position

LAVA helps VMA clustering its four electro technical service providers to empower its market position Technology is evolving quickly, impacting many businesses and markets around the world. Companies that fail to adapt are ultimately squeezed out of the market either by a slow death or a takeover. In recent years this evolution encouraged many large […]

LAVA’s February’s off-site – 2017

This month’s off-site took place in Antwerp. The Locker Room (www.lockerroom.be) is an inspiring hide-away close to the Schelde Docks. It’s a trendy loft, decorated and furnished like a meeting room, one you would like to have at home, with lounge chairs, bookshelves with interesting literature and a great Brainstorm Wall. I arrive first, by […]

Sibelga launches New PCM, with support of LAVA

Sibelga, the distribution grid operator of Brussels, decided in 2014 to replace their old system managing the protected customers by a new system to cope with MIG6 compliancy, digital archiving, enhanced financial accounting and extensive legal, financial and management reporting. The old system was decommissioned and replaced with a new solution based on an SAP […]

Celebrating The New Year!

January is the month for celebrations. At least at LAVA. For this month’s off-site we gather at the lovely ‘Jour de Fête’ in Ghent. Socializing is key at this evening. We raise glasses in a toast to a new and successful year. Our off-site is the ideal moment to put our two new colleagues, David […]

Google Glass – Inspiring business opportunities

During the LAVA Off-site meeting in November we were introduced to Google Glass, with live demonstrations and a multitude of possible applications for the business world. The Ghelamco Arena turned out to be the perfect venue for another inspiring meeting. In short, Google Glass is a smart pair of glasses. A portable on your nose […]

Let me out!

The place where we meet for the LAVA’s December Off-site, located in the heart of Brussels. Everyone is nicely on time. No wonder, because not on time, means being locked out. We start the evening classically with a sip and a bite. Afterwards we move to the tiniest meeting room ever, where teams give updates […]