2018 Z Impact – Econocom

Econocom, a supplier of IT services and solutions for digitization projects, had a new strategy and business model to adjust its offer and bring it up to date. For this they appealed to LAVA, LAVA conducted a strategic exercise to determine the new bussiness model with focus on digitization projects.

2018 Z Impact – LAVA and Customers

Get an exclusive glance behind the curtains of a strategic workshop with top clients.
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2018 Z Impact – Ferranti

Ferranti is an international IT company with a specialty in software for utilities sector. The software package allows the processes to run more efficiently and with increasing pressure on costs. This increases the interest in the product. Ferranti induced LAVA for a market consultation. This gave an insight into the possibilities for Ferranti.

2018 Z Impact – Logi-Technic

Logi-Technic and Bekaert Technics, each headed by the company’s founders, merge into one company under the House of HR holding company. To objectify the process, the Holding called in the help of LAVA

2018 Z Impact – DNB BA

The airport has its own distribution network operator DNB BA for the energy provision at Zaventem airport. For the standardized exchange of information, the energy market will move to a federal platform Atrias. DNB BA must also comply with this and had to adjust its applications. DNB BA calls on LAVA to set up a European tendering procedure for their new IT systems.

2018 Z Impact – EEG

LAVA investigated how far the integration between EEG and Van Braeckel needed to be enforced, what the points for improvement were, what organizational structure was needed to realize the strategy.

2018 Z Impact – Vlaams EnergieBedrijf (VEB)

The VEB is also a supplier and must therefore comply with various conditions (customer management systems, invoicing) The company called in the help of LAVA. LAVA proposed a new business model and ensured the implementation of the IT systems.

2018 Z Impact – VMA

VMA goes from 4 companies to 1 company. In order to form the Vision and the strategy for the new VMA group and to structure the structure, CFE called on LAVA.

2018 Z Impact – De Watergroep

De Watergroep introduces mobile work for employees in the field