Improve Supply Chain visibility
By creating end-to-end supply chain visibility for companies with focus on customer collaboration, supplier collaboration, inventory management, demand planning and forecasting LAVA enables a more agile and responsive supply chain with improvement of service levels and reduction of working capital.

Implement Sales & Operations Planning
By implementing and correctly using Sales & Operations planning LAVA enables a better alignment between sales, marketing, manufacturing and finance, a better utilization of the available capacity and a reduction of working capital for companies.

Optimize Performance of Supply Chain Systems
Through optimizing the utilization of supply chain systems LAVA enables a better alignment of supply chain processes and supply chain systems, and an improvement of the data accuracy and useability for companies.

Optimize Supply Chain Operations
By optimizing the supply chain operations for companies LAVA enables an improved integration of the forward & reverse supply chain, an improved order-to-cash process and a supply chain tailored to the needs of different customer segments.