LAVA’s February’s off-site – 2017

This month’s off-site took place in Antwerp. The Locker Room ( is an inspiring hide-away close to the Schelde Docks. It’s a trendy loft, decorated and furnished like a meeting room, one you would like to have at home, with lounge chairs, bookshelves with interesting literature and a great Brainstorm Wall.

I arrive first, by far. Something that can be considered as unprecedented. Bit by bit, my colleagues drop in and the walking diner starts, delicious, homemade vegetarian finger food.

Luc De Keyser, LAVA’s Managing Partner, walks us through LAVA’s year-to-date financials, project updates and sales opportunities. Every team gives a status update on LAVA’s Shared Objectives (Shared Objectives do motivate LAVA people much more than individual goals, read our December2016 off-site article for more details). Then, it’s Jorn’s turn. He gives us a heads up about Operational Excellence. As a (recently awarded) Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, and LAVA’s Service Champion for Operational Excellence, Jorn takes the lead for this service offering and represents the rich experience LAVA has to offer in this domain, in a service context as well as production environment, for large and small companies. Measuring is the fil rouge in operational excellence. Measuring of quality and time, to make sure changes in processes, roles and responsibilities are done for the better. A very inspiring topic. Follow our social media to stay up to date.

Last on the agenda is ‘Discover your colors’. It’s a methodology that, based on four colors (green, yellow, red and blue) gives insights in your beliefs and perception, why you see things the way you do. It helps to understand why others see the same things differently. It teaches you what your energy drivers and drainers are. The most interesting aspect is the insight of how you can improve the quality of your collaboration and communication, how you can have more impact on colleagues, clients, anyone, just by adapting your approach to their colors. For the sake of silo thinking and for fun we split the group according to the four primary colors. This shows that LAVA is predominantly blue and red, a lot of structured, super organized people and a lot of leaders, driven by action. Luckily everyone is a blend of colors. Green and yellow are less present in numbers within LAVA, but they don’t go unnoticed!

In between sessions, Edwin, utilities expert and talented photographer takes pictures for updates on LAVA’s social media.

We finish the evening with a drink at the bar and go home inspired.

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Google Glass – Inspiring business opportunities

During the LAVA Off-site meeting in November we were introduced to Google Glass, with live demonstrations and a multitude of possible applications for the business world. The Ghelamco Arena turned out to be the perfect venue for another inspiring meeting.

In short, Google Glass is a smart pair of glasses. A portable on your nose which projects information on a small screen just above your right eye. As a user you control your glasses with your voice or via a touchpad, incorporated in the frame of the glasses. With the touchpad you can scroll through a menu to display messages, play music, take pictures and videos.

The potential applications are almost endless. For example, you can read your emails or let them be read aloud, follow news postings and activate your GPS. In a professional context, Google Glass meanwhile delivers promising results leading to a higher quality of work and results.

Workers in production plants now receive digital work instructions via their Google Glass. Forget about paper-based instructions and monitoring. The maintenance engineer high in the mast of a windmill in the North Sea sends via Google Glass images to his fellow expert, watching and helping from his office 1.200 kilometers away.

LAVA monthly off-site meeting november

Also in utilities countless applications exist. Think of reading and real-time digital processing of meter readings. The work of a field engineer working on water or electricity installations or the stock levels of spare parts which can be updated from the field in real time. Tasks which are becoming easier with digital instructions via Google Glass.

Google Glass will improve the quality of work and business results significantly.

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Let me out!

The place where we meet for the LAVA’s December Off-site, located in the heart of Brussels. Everyone is nicely on time. No wonder, because not on time, means being locked out.

We start the evening classically with a sip and a bite. Afterwards we move to the tiniest meeting room ever, where teams give updates on their ‘shared objective projects’. At LAVA, we work with shared objectives, instead of individual objectives. This year’s themes are, amongst others, Branding, Service Portfolio and LAVA to the cloud. People team up and work along the year to reach their targets. All objectives are interlinked; in order to get the highest quality teams need to reach out to each other and collaborate. So this is how ‘Shared objectives’ is a fixed topic in each monthly off-site’s agenda.

Then it is time to get introduced to the Escape Game. There are three escape rooms: the Prison Cell, the Space Shuttle and Alice in Wonderland. We split up in three teams. Each team gets locked up in a room and has exactly 60 minutes to breaking into codes, to solve mysteries, puzzles and riddles. I am in team Prison Cell. The first minutes we spend, each on his own, looking for that first crucial hint that will lead to all other clues. Geert finds the first key and soon the team spirit is being built and we reach cruising speed. We look for tips in and outside the cell, using mirrors, sticks, books, a prehistoric cell phone, etc. In the exact 60st minute we hear the clicking of the cell door being unlocked. This is such a fun team game! In the bar, we meet up with the other two teams enjoying their drinks. A great off-site, an inspiring evening!

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