LAVA revises Schréder’s IT Strategy

Schréder is a global prime provider of cost-effective lighting solutions for safe, comfortable and sustainable environments. With its Belgian roots, Schréder is a group of 48 companies worldwide, with over 2,600 people, all passionate about light and innovation. With its expertise in design and development of outdoor lighting solutions, Schréder wants to contribute to the well-being of communities anywhere in the world.

Today, Schréder is taking up the tremendous challenge to shift from a product based company to a solutions partner. Products evolve: Schréder now provides energy efficiency and markets evolve towards smart lighting.

This change in strategic positioning has impact on just any fiber in the company. One of these fibers is IT. IT should even be more aligned with Business, or be part of the Business. The internal application landscape needs to be made future proof. As well as the IT architecture. To name just a few aspects.

In order to design the future global IT strategy to fully support Schréder’s changing business model, Schréder asked LAVA to revise its ICT Strategy.

From the start a team of business and IT senior representatives was set up of for going through an IT strategy review and approval process.

LAVA started off with interviewing C-level management to get a helicopter view of Schréder’s business drivers and future market challenges. LAVA got insights on how Schréder will adapt its business model to face these challenges. This was the basis to draft a new target IT Strategy, aligned with business.

LAVA assessed the capabilities of the current application landscape and IT infrastructure and designed a target landscape and architecture, with the right priorities and associated roadmap for implementation, in agreement with C-level management.

The required IT governance and Business/IT organizational interaction has been worked out.

The team got approval from the Board to implement the target IT strategy.

Carine Couls – Chief Transformation Officer at Schréder commented “It was a real pleasure working with the team of LAVA. The LAVA team was really interested in our company, our sector, our challenges and our opportunities. In a very short timeframe they were able to understand our business drivers. This ability especially together with their strong expertise has led to a good IT strategic plan. Very professional!”

Working jointly with Schréder has been very enriching and rewarding for LAVA. The project was challenging, with a global scope and impact, and right in the context of smart lighting and energy. A crossroads where we like to be challenged.

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VMA strengthens its strategic market position

LAVA helps VMA clustering its four electro technical service providers to empower its market position

Technology is evolving quickly, impacting many businesses and markets around the world. Companies that fail to adapt are ultimately squeezed out of the market either by a slow death or a takeover. In recent years this evolution encouraged many large electro technical service providers to change strategy and evolve into total solution providers.

CFE, one of Belgian’s largest industrial groups, with multiple technical service providers) understood this game like no other.

Incited by VMA, CFE decided to empower its market position in electro technical services by clustering the four legal entities Nizet, Vanderhoydoncks, VMA and VMA West. The goal is to create one strong electro technical total solution provider with a structure well suited for future regional and international growth and capable of securing a top market position.

For this cluster to become a success, one team needed to be built, with a shared strategy, a clear execution plan and a solid base of support. Often one or more of these components are forgotten or neglected leading to below expectation performance and results. Guy Wynendaele, managing director of VMA, and CFE (the holding company behind VMA) were well aware that a strategy is only as successful as its execution and called upon LAVA to help avoid this pitfall.

Once the goal was translated into a clear strategic objective, ten intense weeks followed to build “the VMA Cluster”, a joint effort of the four entities and LAVA.

LAVA interviewed key employees, performed organization scans and facilitated multiple workshops with a selection of people of each company to define the VMA Cluster. Together we defined one common strategy, organization structure, mission, culture, and plan of execution supported by senior management to attain the set goal.

Everyone was challenged to reach out to share ideas, hopes and fears. Through intense collaboration and several team building exercises one fully aligned, integrated management team was built based on mutual trust and openness, ready and energized to execute their strategy.

In the coming year, LAVA continues to support the VMA Cluster to assure the operational plan is well executed and the set objectives are achieved in a timely and durable manner, keeping track of progress and making necessary adjustments along the way.

Exciting times ahead.

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